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Horsemen's Voice Newsletter 04-25-04

January 1, 2004

In this issue

New Year's Resolutions

Cowboy Dressage?

Fugitive Dust

505 by 2/29

Fun Things to do January 3 - 11


New Year's Resolutions


I've never really been any good at New Year's Resolutions. I never made any I actually intended to keep. This year is different. I have come up with a list of resolutions I intend to keep.


1. I will not eat any avocados this year. (I like everything about avocados, except the color, texture, taste, and smell)

2. I will never go fishing on Wednesdays. (I don't fish much, anyway, unless it's for compliments)

3. At least once a month, I will stay up way too late watching some dumb movie on HBO that I got sucked into.

4. I will enjoy every minute I spend with my grandkids.

5. I will never eat watermelon while in the bath tub.

6. I will get more exercise this year by jumping to conclusions, bending the rules, stepping on toes, kicking a habit, dancing around the topic, rising to the occasion, hitting the hay, striking a pose, jogging my memory, running off at the mouth, hiking up my britches, lifting my spirits, lowering expectations, tossing out ideas, catching a cold, flying off the handle, swimming in confusion, skating on thin ice, wrestling with my conscience, carrying a grudge, playing with words, pushing 50, and pulling your leg.

7. I will not skinny dip in a pond with snapping turtles.

8. I will keep time and beat my wife. No, wait. I think it's the other way around.

9. I won't squat with my spurs on.

10. I won't tug on Superman's cape.

11. I won't spit in the wind.

12. I won't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger.

13. And I won't mess around with Slim. (Ba-doo-da-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo doot)


...but most of all...


14. I will ride more in 2004.


So how about you folks? Do you have any resolutions that you really and truly plan to keep?


Cowboy Dressage?


I've never been to Israel, so I am not exactly sure what it's like. But I am almost certain there aren't big sweeping ranches in the West Bank. I can't quite imagine big cattle drives from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. That's why I was taken aback to find out that at Las Campanas in Santa Fe there will be a clinic this weekend by an Israeli cowboy.




And, get this: he's teaching "Cowboy Dressage."


Oh, yeah?


On the opening page of his web site,, Israeli cowboy Eitan Beth-Halachmy says, "Dressage is my discipline, the cowboy is my freedom." It also says, "Cowboy Dressage: When Dressage suits your needs, but a Stetson fits your lifestyle." This new discipline is a blending of traditional western horsemanship with the art and beauty of dressage.


How did an Israeli become a cowboy? Here is what Eitan's web site says:

I feel in my life I have had the best of both worlds. My early education in horsemanship was of the classical nature. Lots of discipline and dressage taught by a Hungarian Cavalry Officer. He was strict but a horseman of the highest caliber. He was one of the big influences in my life and the other was the American Cowboy.


As a young boy in Israel, the first time I saw a western on the silver screen I knew where I had to go and what I wanted to be. It has been a long journey full of adventure, triumphs and yes, setbacks. Throughout it there have always been horses.

It is my goal to teach and share with others what my horses have taught me about life and about being a horseman.

This clinic is Friday through Sunday this week at Las Campanas in Santa Fe. Call Caroline Stevenson at 505-995-8700 or 505-412-9933 for details.


Fugitive Dust


Your last chance to be heard on the Fugitive Dust issue before the regulations and fees become final will be at a hearing on January 14. If you do not plan to attend this meeting, you can still have your input entered into the public record by sending it to Mr. Dan Warren, Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, P.O. Box 1293, Albuquerque, NM  87103, or in person in Room 3023, 400 Marquette Avenue NW. Your letters must be received before Wednesday, January 7.


There is more info on the Fugitive Dust issue on our web site at



505 by 2/29


As we discussed last week, I have started a drive to get 505 subscribers to this newsletter by 2/29. With your help, the subscriber total is 391, up from 384 last week.


Please let your friends know and ask them to sign up. I had someone send me a list of a half dozen names last week. I sent an e-mail to each one, but only one has responded so far. It may be more effective you ask your friends to contact me.


And, as Ed Bartles would say, "Thank you for your support."


Fun Things to Do  January 3 - 11


Nancy and I had a great ride this afternoon on the first day of the year. Get out there and ride.



3          BFRA JUNIOR RODEO SERIES, Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena, 8:30 a.m.

Buckles & Hi Points & more prizes.  Entries:  Brenda Adcock, 865-3751.  Info: Charlie Long, 866-1602


3 – 4    FINAL MICHAEL PAGE CLINIC, Expo NM Horse Arena, followed by celebration dinner on the 4th.  Riders:  $300/one session daily each day.  Auditors:  $15/day; $25/both days.  Dinner:  Approx. $25.  Info & registration:  Lisa Mason, 505-757-2119 (h) or 505-920-5437 (cell)


4            SHAGGY TRAINING SHOW, NM Pinto Horse Club, Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena, 10 a.m.  Info:  Marilyn, 865-6568


10 – 11            DOROTHY MORKIS CLINIC, Flint Meadows Equestrian Center.  Info:  505-466-4425


11            WINTER FUN—barrels, poles & flag racing.  Beginner, novice, & intermediate divisions.  1 p.m.  Horsemen’s Arena, Belen, NM.  Info:  Vernon or Wendy Honeyfield, 865-9585


11            TRAINING SHOW, Western & English classes, sponsored by Bosque Farms Rodeo Assoc., Bosque Farms Arena, 10 a.m.  Info:  Dolly Wallace, 869-9198


10            CLINIC:  STRESS FREE HORSEMANSHIP by Gerald Robinson (1st of 5 consecutive Saturdays), Jones Livery, Cortez, CO.  Sponsored by 4-Corners Horsemen’s Exchange.  Info:  (970) 564-1555


11            CLINIC:  UNDERSTANDING THE GAITED HORSE by Nancy & Bucky Sparks (1st of 5 consecutive Sundays).  4-Corners Horsemen’s Exchange, Cortez, CO.  InfoL970) 564-1555




I have a TV here in my office and I have had football on today while I am working on this web site. The TV is behind me, and I only watch when something exciting happens. i.e. on replay. Nancy came in and asked me,


"Who's playing?"

"I dunno. I think it's Georgia and Purdue."

"Who's winning?"

"I dunno."

"Why are you watching, then?"


I just looked at her. It's New Year's day. Football is on. It's a game. What else matters?


Girls don't know nothin'.


Please tell your friends about this newsletter, and have them send me an e-mail, and I'll get them signed up. Or have them sign themselves up at


Happy trails...





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