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Horsemen's Voice Newsletter 04-25-04

January 31, 2004

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Dear Friends,


I think I have to apologize to Mary and Roe. In this morning's newsletter, I think I sounded too mean in response to their notes about "colic is a noun."


As you could tell, I was pretty interested in this topic. Long time readers of this newsletter  know that I like to play word games, and that language is important to me. I also like to have fun. I will give people a hard time, and I hope that when I do they take it in fun. Sometimes I get wound up and excited about a topic and may have strong words, but if I do, I try to not point my criticisms at any particular person. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings.


It may not seem like it, but I had fun countering Mary and Roe's comments. I printed their comments because they were well written, and they are technically correct with the dictionary definitions. They gave me some interesting points to counter, and I thought a lot about their comments over this last week.


I was mortified this morning when a reader sent me a note that said I "scolded" Mary and Roe. I went back and read what I wrote, and I am sorry to say that I agree that it read that way. I have to insist that was not my intention. I hardly know Mary, and Roe has been a dear friend for many years. I would not intentionally say anything that would hurt their feelings, and I am sorry if I did.


I also don't want anyone to feel bad about what Mary and Roe wrote. When they wrote me, I took it all in stride and was not the least bit offended. I make mistakes all the time in this newsletter, because I often just dash it out and don't really do as much research as I should. When I know I am being sloppy, I will make fun of myself saying that my research consists of ten minutes of internet browsing. I took their comments in the spirit they were intended. Roe's note to me was long and had some humorous stuff in it that I would have liked to include, but after I rambled on so long on the other topics, I didn't have room for her funny stuff.


And here's the kicker:


Someone named Frank (he didn't give his last name) wrote today and said that the Oxford English Dictionary says that "colic" has been used as a verb at least since 1733. Nancy has a compact OED somewhere around here, which comes with a magnifying glass because it is printed so small. I will have to find it and see what it says. So, the language got the best of all of us this time. None of us were completely right, and none were completely wrong. It's what makes the English language so rich, colorful, strong, adaptive, and aggravating.


I hope all those words are in the dictionary.


Happy trails...




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