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Horsemen's Voice Newsletter 04-25-04

March 14, 2004

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Lobo Trip to Denver

Fun Things to do March 15 - 21


Lobo Trip to Denver


Just a quick newsletter this week.


At the last minute my neighbor and I decided to drive to Denver to watch the Lobo Women's Basketball team play in the Mountain West Conference Tournament. Since our Lobos won, it was a lot of fun. It might have been a long drive home if it hadn't been. It was a long drive, anyway, since we got home at 2:00 Sunday morning.


Now, I am really behind in a lot of my work, so I have some catching up to do, so no time for a newsletter this week. I have lots I could talk about, but it will have to wait until next week. In the mean time, here, at least, is the calendar for the coming week.


Fun Things to Do  March 15 - 21


19 – 20            NICOLE THUENGEN CLINIC, Dressage.  Nicole Thuengen is a federally certified German dressage instructor.  Tumbleweed Equestrian Center, Las Vegas, NM.  9 a.m.-5 p.m./$100 per ride.  Info:  454-8377, ext. 110 or 429-0856 or


19 – 21            DOMINIQUE BARBIER CLINIC, Dressage for the New Age, Taos.  Some spots and school horses still available.  Info:  758-7542 or 


20        OPEN GYMKHANA, Horseman’s Assoc. of Southern NM.  Barrels, poles, flag race, stakes and surprise class w/age groups.  Otero Co. Fairgrounds.  Info: 585-8555




20 – 21            ELLIE STINE-MASEK CLINIC, Natural Horsemanship/Dressage, Las Cruces.  Info:  Maggie Coombs, 382-7510


20 – 21            L JUDGING PROGRAM 2004, sponsored by NM Dressage Assoc.  “Introduction to Judging & Biomechanics,” Jay Aston Moore, Albuquerque.  Info:  Kathy Richkind, 983-6189



Green Side Up


I guess no one else, but Aggie Bill wanted to hear the Green Side Up Aggie joke. I told it to Bill, and even though he is an Aggie, I think he got it.


Happy trails...




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