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Horsemen's Voice Newsletter 04-25-04

April 6, 2004

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Another Week Missed

East Mountain Trail Plan Meeting

Fun Things to do April 9 - 11


Another Week Missed


We had major computer problems around here last week while getting DSL installed here. I will tell you more later, but let's just say that Qwest's "Spirit of Service in Action" ad campaign really means that they have a spirit of service, but their actual service is lacking.


More in a newsletter later this week....


East Mountain Trail Plan Meeting


The sole reason I am staying up late tonight to get this quick newsletter is out is for a meeting that is scheduled for Tuesday evening. I wanted to make sure that I let as many folks know about it as possible.


There is a public meeting at the Los Volcanes Community Center in Tijeras at 6:30 on Tuesday April 6. We need as many equestrians there as possible to give input on the East Mountain Trails and Bikeways Facilities Master Plan. This plan was initiated by the Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Department in response to the growth in the East Mountains. The master plan's intent is to identify existing and future trails for the non-vehicular connection of residential areas and public lands managed by several government agencies. The plan is expected to be completed in November of this year.


We MUST get horse people to these meetings. Jackie Bouker said that at the January 29 meeting there were only SIX equestrians there out of about 90 people representing hikers, ATV riders, and bikers. Numbers DO count when public policy is being made.


Get in touch with Jackie at 345-3860 for more information. There is more information on pages 10 and 11 of the April issue of The Horsemen's Voice. The web site to get more info is Click on East Mountain Trail Plan. There is a form you can fill out to tell where you use trails in the east mountains, even if you can't attend the meeeting.


Project managers are Clay Campbell in Parks & Rec (314-0404, and Nathan Masek in Public Works (848-1516, 


There will be another meeting in June.


Please go to the meeting if you possibly can.


Fun Things to Do  April 9 -11


9 - 11   QUARTER HORSE SHOW, SW Quarter Horse Assoc., Southern NM State Fair Grounds, Las Cruces .  Info:  Farrel, 505-382-5911 or or


10        PALOMINO/PAINT/ALL BREED SHOW, NM Palomino Exhibitors Assoc., Outdoor Arena, NM Expo (formerly NM State Fairgrounds).  Judges:  Mary Ingwerson & Maryann Willoughby.  Info:  Shelley Bateman, 832-6867 (, or Lloyd Aker, 281-3032 (  Premium at


10        ST. JUDE’S TRAIL RIDE, Bosque Farms Rodeo Assoc., 10 a.m.  Info:  869-4438 or 869-2096


10        SCHOOLING SHOW, NM Dressage Assoc.  Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena.  Info:  Suellen Nolan, 281-4983


10 – 11            JOAN BOLTON CLINIC, Dressage.  Maria & George Davis’s indoor arena, Stanley , NM .  $75 per session, overnight stalls $20, auditors $20.  Info:  Maria Davis, 264-0206


10 – 11            MIKE HUBER CLINIC, Goose Downs Farm, Galisteo.  Info:  Jeffray Ryding, 466-8771



More later


I will have another newsletter later this week. I just had to get out this info about the meeting.


Happy trails...




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