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For several years, I published an on-line newsletter as an adjunct to our printed magazine, The Horsemen's Voice. Now that we are no longer publishers of that magazine, I am continuing the tradition as the Basta Ranch Newsletter.

If you would like to receive this newsletter, please send me a note to, and I will add you to the list.

Happy trails...



7/24/05 Tour de France Valencia County Horse Trails. Valle Vidal. Beyond Category
4/10/05 Magic of Music. Horse Slaughter. More help for a horseless horsewoman.


Basketball Words. Horsemanship lessons Learned and Re-learned.
2/13/05 Paul McCartney and the Super Bowl Halftime. Help for a horseless horse lover. More on Periods.

The following newsletters were created when we owned the magazine.

Some links in these newsletters are no longer valid. Please let me know if you find one that I have not noted in purple.


12/05/04 Missing periods. It's the end of the Gage/Koch era of The Horsemen's Voice, and the beginning of Basta Ranch.
10/18/04 This 'n' that. Responses to horsemanship questions. Announcement of political blog.
09/11/04 Too much TV. Horsemanship never gets boring, We announce that the magazine is for sale.
07/03/04 Didja miss me? Something New - Vesicular Stomatitis. Retired Feature

New Mexico Horse Fair is Coming! Volunteers needed! DVD on Your Computer?

4/11/04 Dependency on the Internet. Rain, Rain, and More Rain. NM Horse Fair. Shawna Karrasch. Qwest Tirade
4/6/04 Another missed Week. East Mountain Trail meeting
3/28/04 Kansas Bill. Aggie Bill. Organic Manure? Dogs and Horses. Reverse Lookup and Lost e-mails.
3/14/04 Lobo trip to Denver
3/6/04 Lobos, NMSU, and History. Newsletter vs. Magazine. Nobody wins. Fun with Jazz.
2/29/04 Traveling. Oddities in Las Vegas. US Animal Identification Plan. A great quote. 505 by 2/29
2/8/04 Understanding Texans. US Animal Identification Plan. I'm so Dizzy. Las Cruces Trip
2/1/04 Apologies for 1/31/ Newsletter
1/31/04 Reader Feedback Barometric Colic. Colic as a verb. This 'n' that. Gold Stars.
1/22/04 A lighter take on Fugitive Dust from Kansas Bill. Barometric Colic. Long Term Effects of West Nile Virus.
1/17/04 Typos that make you go "Huh?" My take on Fugitive Dust
1/10/04 Reader Feedback mostly about football. Fugitive Dust.
1/1/04 New Year's Resolutions. Cowboy Dressage? Fugitive Dust. Football.



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